Forms for Section 504

Use this form to document hours outside of normal work day spent managing 504 coordinator related duties to earn up to 12 hours of in-service credit. Official policy and supporting documents can be found in the documents library under Professional Development on the cmcss web-site. Make sure you discuss this as an option with your building principal.

Helpful Web Sites



Wright's Law

UTK Connections For Education Outreach (CEO)
This site provides many relatively inexpensive intervention items like seat cushions, fidget toys etc.
TN Step
Childrens Mental Health Services (CMHS)
This document has information for ordering from School Outfitters. (noise-cancelling headphones)

Reference Books

Teacher's Resource Guide (McCarney)
Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (McCarney)
Section 504 & Public Schools (Smith & Patton)

Other Resources

ACT Accommodations Web Site
TN Dept. of Education Section 504 Manual
TCAP Allowable Accommodations
(can be used with any student)
Special TCAP Allowable Accommodations
(can only be used with students who have documentation in an IEP or 504 Plan)
TN TCAP Accommodations Manual
ODD Guide
DOE-OCR Reading Room